Is your Boat getting Crapped On?

Bird droppings, sun, sea and salt water along with sulphur dioxide pollutants in the air from industrial processing sites nearby can all affect a boats surfaces and cause a great deal of damage to your valued asset over a very short period of time.


Aaron Davies from Oceanix Yacht Care recommends a regular wash down with fresh water and an ongoing maintenance programme for all boat owners. However, essential boat detailing goes much further than just a once over with the hose. Preventative protection will retain your vessels maximum re-sale value, prevent corrosion from the elements and help identify problems before they become costly repairs. Meticulous detailing requires specialised biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents and the correct materials and equipment applied by an expert.


Oceanix can improve the appearance of your boats detailed finish with professional cleaning and their expertise in machine cut, polish and waxing and applying Nano Ceramic paint and window protection on anything ‘marine or machine’.


Oceanix are passionate about what they do! They use the best products and latest technology to increase a vessels colour, shine and brilliance; removing clouding, oxidation and deterioration, along with minor scratches from fiberglass and gel coat surfaces; protecting against long term wear, corrosion, and material hardness; restoring paintwork, stainless steel, metal and glass and ensuring superior, longer lasting results and appearance.


So spring is coming! And it may be time for a professional spring makeover for your yacht, launch, tender, cruise or charter boat, jet-ski, helicopter, trailer boat or dinghy…….


Oceanix’s fully mobile marine and machine valet, yacht care and boat cleaning services have you covered.


Contact Aaron Davies now for a free inspection and quote and book in for a superior service and advice on how to maintain your boat.


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