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About the Oceanix Crew


Aaron Davies

Founder of Oceanix | Yacht Maintenance Expert | Boat Owner


Aaron Davies has a background in the Super Yacht industry, transport operations and adventure tourism, both locally in the Bay of Plenty and overseas in USA, Caribbean, Europe and Africa.  He has worked with private owners and operators as well as multi-national operators.


Aaron's experience has ranged from building walls, painting houses and constructing kiwifruit shelters, through to super yacht crewing and boat detailing, and as a handyman doing a wide range of property upkeep and maintenance.


He has also owned his own award winning kayak guiding business, worked as a rafting, canyoning and abseiling guide, as a snowboard instructor, a tourist bus driver and as a bungy jump operator, with over 400 jumps to his name.



His collective work history spans over 17 years and all of these roles have a number of key transferable skills in common - the need for versatility, common sense and having a great work ethic, as well as providing top customer service skills and invaluable practical experience and know how. His knot tying and abseiling experience has also proven to be unexpectedly useful to almost every job Aaron has put his hand to!


Aaron has a dynamic skill set for risk assessment and making safe judgements and he has the ability to operate at his best under extreme pressure and to meet deadlines, ensuring that whatever business he is involved in, all stakeholders are delivered the outcomes they require.